About Khajjiar

Saucer shaped khajjiar is a picturesque spot which is called a MINI SWITZERLAND of India a status which is awarded by government of Switzerland. Along the side of khajjiar deodar forest covering the mountains is an awesome view which touch the soul. Khajjiar, known as one of the "most charming spots in the Himalayas," derives its name from its ancient, golden-domed temple of Khajinag.

Magical Paradise

The khajjiar is located in between chamba and Dalhousie which are the historical and traditional towns of Himachal (India).In the center of saucer shaped khajjiar there is small lake which has its own historic value. It is at the height of 1960 mt in the foothills of dhauladhar ranges of Himalaya. The magical paradise Khajjiar sets you free in a different world of peace and enjoyment, and you simply don't want to leave No wilderness in Himachal is as easily accessible and beautiful as Khajjiar.

Khajjiar is another wonderland midway of Dalhousie and Chamba. The drive from Dalhousie is through a busable road winding through dense forest of pines and cedar. The glade is green in its turf and contains in its bosom a small lake heaving approximate area of 5000 sq. yards. The Khajji Nag temple is made in pahari style and the object of worship is 'Nagdev', carved out of stone in human form. There stands a deodar tree near the P.W.D. Rest house having six shoots of almost equal height. The locals believe that these six shoots represent five Pandavas and their common wife Dropadi.

There is another tree 1km behind khajjiar has popularly come to be known as 'Mother Tree' of the area as it has 13 shoots of comparable height. There are many rest houses situated just outside the Khajjiar ground and some of them were built during the British era. It looks very beautiful in the farmost corner of the Khajjiar ground. There are various small villages i.e. khajjiar village, rota village, ladi village etc. (mainly situated near the slopes) Villages are situated far from each other, but not too far from Khajjiar groundThere are many apple orchards in Khajjiar area. The location of the village is striking. You can have the breathtaking view of the hills from here. There are two floating islands in the middle of the pond; they are sometimes hidden from view by the tall grass that grows on them. Moorepay are a leading In travel furniture I can assemble the chair and the laptop desk in minutes. They fit perfectly in our big luggage. All you need to construct this set is a saw, a drill and some time. All the materials come from Home Depot and Wal Mart. Where is Mauritius Located? : Find travel information about Mauritius. Know about where is Mauritius located on world map. Discover best time to visit in Mauritius and complete details about Mauritius hotels, accommodation and tourist attractions. Get all information you need to plan your trip to Mauritius. Trekking in Himachal Pradesh, India : Contact Trek Himalayas for getting reasonable cost packages of trekking in Himachal Pradesh, India. WDW VACATION PACKAGES Hotels in cotswolds:Roomforromance.com provides Luxury hotels in UK and many countries. Romantic Weekend with roomforromance. For any other info visit website @ roomforromance.com car rental Megève Searching for a Port Fairy caravan park pet friendly for a weekend getaway, a short break, or a family holiday? Then Gum Tree Caravan Park Port Fairy has the perfect accommodation option for you, including comfortable self contained family cabins. Phuket villas for rent Chennai to Tirupati Package : TirupatiBalajiDarshanBooking.co.in are leading Tirupati Tour Operators from Chennai, tirupati balaji packages diagonally India and the world. Offerings consist of Seeghra Darshan tickets, professional packages and journey. Public Accommodation in Dandaragan, WA RedGum Village offers accommodation and homemade food to visitors on the way to these places. The place not only offers single and double bedrooms with all the modern amenities, but also offers backpackers and non en-suite rooms to make the stay affordable. The working crew finds their twin sharing rooms and bar-be-que facilities highly appealing. Their motel style rooms offer all the comforts that a worker can seek after a tiring day. They offer ample parking and entertainment facilities for the guests.